Apparently, Yourbaristaprobablyhatesyou turned 2 yesterday.

What did y’all get me?


Anonymous said: Yeah you definitely weren't featured on 20/20

Thank fucking god.


Anonymous said: 17 year old partner here, I need some advice about what to do. I usually close because im in school, and my manager has been scheduling for me exactly 20 hours a week (max aloud in my state for a minor), well I've been working with a new shift supervisor, and he has been asking me to clock out at 8:30 but then he makes us stay till almost 9. He also will take long breaks and leave me alone in the store. What should I do?? Who can/should I report this to?

Sounds like your shift hasnt figured out time management yet. 

While he shouldnt be leaving you alone in the store (safety concern) it’s not the biggest deal in the world. 

However, having you clock out before you finish work is a huge deal. Do not let yourself be exploited like that. You aren’t getting paid for that time, you shouldn’t be working. Period. Even worse, there are very specific labor laws in place to protect minors in the workforce and its very likely he’s violating them. Finally, if you get hurt while working and arent on the clock, its a very very serious legal issue. 

Likely, he’s doing this to help save hours and make himself look good for the manager. “oh, y’all are getting out so early!”

So start documenting it before you ever report it. It’s possible your manager is asking him to do this. Write it down when you get home. “On such and such date, I was asked to clock out at such and such time yet was asked to continue working off the clock until such and such time.” The time clock and in store cameras should be enough to back you up. If nothing else, turn on your phones time stamp and snap a selfie every night still at work while you’re off the clock. 

Rack up a months worth of this shit and then the next time he asks you to clock out, tell him you’re going home when you clock out and if he needs you to continue working, you’ll stay clocked in. 

Stand your ground. Remember, you have a months worth of evidence of him breaking the law (don’t tell him that). The VERY NEXT DAY go to your manager and tell them whats going on. Take a copy of your written info with dates and times (a copy, not the original). 

If it doesn’t change, be prepared to go to your district and regional managers. 

Just be sure you document everything. If you don’t write it down, it never happened so far as your managers and the courts are concerned.  

Get back to me in a month, I’m curious to see how things change. 


iam-tyler-fucking-durden said: Are you the person that was featured on 20/20

As far as I’m aware, I wasn’t mentioned in the 20/20 episode. That was the guys who put together Les Miserabarista (Max Reid and company). However, as they mention in this post, a lot of the traffic to that video was generated through this blog. So I guess I might have gotten mentioned? I doubt it though. 


You could seriously sell white people anything so long as its pumpkin flavored.


dreary-relic said: your replies lead me to believe you're a cynical, bitchy barista such as myself. congrats. our faith in humanity has gone to complete shit.

Go us?


scientvst said: So your frappuccino post says that you can't work the cold bar into a good rhythm with the hot bar. But why does this apply only to fraps and not other cold drinks?


Seriously, for half a fucking second apply some critical reasoning skills to the world around you. 

I’m not gonna tell you why. That requires no active participation on your part.

So the next time you and your BFF go to starbucks and get whatever tepid shit slushie it is you prefer to drink (but not before the #selfie!), watch it get made. Think about the process. Observe the barista at work and how they move. 

Fucking. Pay. Attention. 

Then process what happened. What makes frappuccinos different? The answer to your question is really fucking obvious. 

When you figure it out, come back and tell me why it applies to frappuccinos and not other cold drinks.


Yes, I’ve seen the “why your barista misspells your name” video.

Please stahp.


inaprilsarms said: Why do you post the exact same things at yourbaristahatesyou ? Like they are identical. Shit, be original

Says the person with zero original content on their blog. 


Anonymous said: God you're rude. Why don't you actually reply to people instead of with gifs?