bmair said: Not sure if this has been asked yet, also I realize that this not entirely relevant to you anymore…but what do you think about the change in dress code at Starbucks? We can have tattoos, gauges, and wear black denim now.

Oh look, Starbucks finally realized it was 2002. 


Anonymous said: Based on your reply from the "sketchy area" post, you don't know what it is like to deal with high risk and high crime areas. It's not that we feel uncomfortable around the poor, it's that everyone around you looks at you with disgust and gives you odd looks as if they are about to threaten you. Then, when you try to help them, they get angry with you. I work for the Public Defender in my area, and I know the businesses that are in poorer areas where our clients are deal with a lot of crap.

Yea, shame on those poor folk for being distrusting of you. You’re a willing cog in the machine that has labeled them as acceptable collateral damage in the capitalist driven class war. They should flock to your spare change charity and make more of an effort to assuage your guilt.


Anonymous said: Put oatmeal and oatmeal contents in the blender with banana, milk to the first line with 2 scoops of protein and a grande scoop of ice.

If you honestly make baristas put solid foods in the blender, I will cut you.

You are the worst sort of entitled douche canoe on the planet and i hope you wake up tomorrow to find that your cat has shit in both your shoes.


Anonymous said: light roast peruvian coffee from my french press. no idea where the nearest starbucks is

Its a block away. You don’t have to lie to be cool.


Anonymous said: Judge my drink. Tall vanilla iced latte w/ soy.

You’re the most boring person at the party but because your mom told you that you were special once, you just wont shut the fuck up.


Anonymous said: This is the original anxiety anon, and I feel like I have to clarify that I fully get what you mean by bucking up. I don't think it's something other people should be offended over bc the only way to treat it is to face it head on. Starbucks & food service is one of the things that *really* set me off bc I see a lot of the employees complain about customers (they have every right to do so), and I'm scared I'm one of those without realizing it. Genuine thanks for your time & clarification, sir :)

I figured you would get it, which is why I said it. 

And never fear. If you’re self aware enough to worry about being that customer, you’ll never be that customer. Go get you some delicious coffee beverages!


thenameistani said: Man, I dig this blog a lot of the time but telling someone who just very clearly stated they have a mental illness that isn't even remotely uncommon to "buck up" is ridiculously insensitive and gross. They asked you a question about Starbucks, not for life advice.

I was gonna let this sit and just chuckle at all you tryhards as you clutched your pearls over me telling someone with anxiety to buck the fuck up. Your hair trigger outrage is so predictable and corny that I can’t help but poke it every now and again. 

But I feel like it bears some expanding on the subject so…

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Anonymous said: This is probably a dumb question but do baristas really dislike customers that much? I have severe anxiety (diagnosed and everything) and I've been too scared to go to Starbucks bc i see so many employees complain, with every right to do so. I just wouldn't want to inconvenience somebody, and I'm too scared that I'm included in the people they complain about. Sorry for bothering you with such a dumb ask.

This is actually answered in my FAQ but I’ll repost it here. 

"Do you really hate me/your customers? Naw, not really. But you guys do some really stupid and/or silly shit a lot of the time. And sometimes, your fellow customers are raging assholes and since I can’t punch them in the face, I rant about it here.”

Side note: Buck the fuck up. If you spend your life terrified of doing something that might possibly inconvenience someone, then you aren’t gonna get shit done.