Anonymous said: this one time in drive thru some chick ordered an iced coffee, did not take her eyes off her phone the entire time she paid, waited for her drink, and held out her arm for me to hand her her drink, proceeded to spill coffee all over herself because she wasn't paying attention, then proceeded to scream at me for spilling coffee on her. pretty funny in hindsight.

I used to play this game where I’d see how often I could get people like that to drop their drinks. At my old store, if you handed the drink out high enough, they’d almost always snag the lid on the top of their car door if they weren’t paying attention. 

Good times. 


Anonymous said: My friend who's a Starbucks barista was interrogated for 2.5 hours by the DM and a 'theft expert' on the phone about taking $2000 that she didn't take. They said some in of it was in products (mostly improperly used right now recoveries b/c poor directions) and was accused of pocketing cash from voided orders. She was suspended, as was a girl who was hired at the same time as her. Her store is poorly managed and it seems a bit scape goaty. How do you think the company will proceed with this?

She’d better start looking for another job. 


Anonymous said: I'm a pretty new barista, and I know it's only started but I'm already fuckin tired of these smug assholes about their stupid #firstPSL I wanna be nice, but, dear god, they act like they're so much better than the other customers. "Look at me I got a pumpkin spice latte before the rest of the general public." Congratu-fucking-lations, douchebag. Why can't you just order the thing, take it and go like a normal fucking human being? Why you gotta act like you're some important piece of royalty?

Same reason people get pissy when I mock frappucinos. Because we’re conditioned from birth to think that our self worth is defined by our consumer choices. 


rhinest0nec0wb0y said: Yesterday I was forced to call out "Mrs. Bieber" for a stupid cotton candy frap cuz my district manager was there. I wanted to evaporate.

Justin Bieber got married!? And his wife went to your Starbucks!?

Did you get her autograph?







That’s the nicest thing I’ve seen today.

imagine being that one guy who broke an 11 hour kindness chain

they were talking about this on the radio today actually. the guy did it because he didn’t think it was actual spontaneous kindness so much as peer pressure

He’s right. 

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Anonymous said: it wasnt a coffee... but a hot chocolate that had to be remade because "my husband cant eat pink marshmallows"




Anonymous said: Is a breve latte an actual thing at Starbucks stores? I work at a small coffee place and lattes and breves are not the same thing. Lattes are w/ milk and breves are w/ half and half. This guy came in and asked for a "breve latte grande at 175 degrees." I asked him if he would like either a breve or a latte and then he got all pissy with me and said "WELL YOUR COMPETITION STARBUCKS DOES IT" so I was just like ok and made his rude ass a breve

It’s a failure to train their baristas properly which in turn creates a failure of Starbucks customers to understand what a breve is. 

At starbucks, “breve” is treated like an ingredient. The word “breve” has become shorthand for “half and half”. Theyre used interchangeably. Sometimes customers will at least mean “steamed half and half”. 

The idea of a “breve” as its own drink doesnt exist at starbucks. So when the customer said “breve latte” he wanted a latte “made with breve”. Which is a weird way of saying it but understandable when your training as a starbucks barista goes something like “oh, breve? yea that just means steamed half and half”. 


Anonymous said: I've been a partner for about 2 years and I'm going to be starting training soon to become a shift. What in your opinion are good shift traits or habits to form?

You wanna be the coolest shift ever? Stick up for the needs of your baristas over the needs of a multibillion dollar, international corporation.

You and your team are being exploited, never forget that. You are underpaid and overworked. The expectations placed on your productivity will increase at a rate that outpaces the resources and compensation you’re given to meet those demands.

So do everything you can to make sure your people are taken care of first. Let corporate worry about the shareholders.


Also, and this may be the scotch talking, every now and again I check out a few random followers #me tag…

Y’all are fucking gorgeous. Every last one of you. 


1000th Post: On Perspective.

I havent posted in a while because my post count has been sitting at 999. I can be a sentimental guy and I wanted to wait till I had something worthy of post #1000 to say something. 

So for whatever its worth, here it goes. 

My good friend Big Poppa E has this poem called Passersby. Its one of my favorites. He’s written a lot of my favorite poems, come to think of it. Chances are, he’s written some of yours too (like this one with over 500,000 notes)

Anywho, yea. He wrote this poem called Passersby about how everyone we meet is a whole other human with their own stories. And we think about how we have this huge social web of coworkers and friends and fellow students and family. And we have all these huge interactions and stories and drama and adventures and everything. 

And every single person we come across is the same way. Like, the lady you bump pass in Target to get to the office supplies? She has a whole life, just as complex as yours. Which is really fucking wild when you stop to think about it. 

I tried to write a companion poem about one person in particular. (Did you know I did spoken word? I did. I kinda wish I still did. Sometimes.)

I tell you all this because its a concept thats obviously important to me. Its the reason I started this blog. People tend to forget that service workers are people just like them. I wanted to give those workers a place to come together and laugh and vent and mock and generally help each through the hellacious bullshit that is the service industry. 

But I want to take this moment to remind all of you that the customers are also people. Every person that comes through your store has a web of stories and a life as intricate and involved as yours. 

There’s often a reason theyre being short with you. There’s often a reason they don’t know shit about coffee, or think they know shit and really dont. 

All that fuckery gets annoying and sure… some customers are just raging, entitled douche canoes. Fuck them. But most of the people we see as rude are really just distracted, exhausted, worn down, or otherwise not on top of their game. 

It would do us well to remember that. Everyone has a story. Just as important as yours. So take no shit but remember to also do no harm. 

After all, its just coffee.